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Fisher CZ-21 QUIKLSILVER Underwater Metal Detector (Fisher-CZ-21)

Fisher CZ-21 w/ 8" Coil
List Price: $1799.00 Our Price: $1499.00

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Price: $1499.00
Fisher CZ-21 w/ 10" Coil
List Price: $1799.00 Our Price: $1499.00
Free Shipping

Price: $1499.00

High-Performance, Submersible, Target-ID Metal Detector
CZ-20 QuickSilver:You can go anywhere, even 250 feet underwater. The CZ-20 is a go-anywhere, do-anything, allweather, target-I.D. machine that's leakproof to 250 feet. And its Patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of saltwater. It's the perfect target-I.D. machine for the versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere-underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather.

3-Tone Audio Target I.D: Put on the headphones, swing the search coil, and listen to the 3-tone target-I.D. A low tone means you're over iron, a mid tone means pull tab or gold ring and a high tone means a coin. And a distinctive bell tone lets you know when you're over big, shallow targets. No more digging beer cans!

Twin LED's: Two bright-red, light-emitting diodes flash when you pass over a target and dim as you move away. For precise pinpointing, use the Pinpoint button, which puts the detector in a no-motion-required, all-metal mode.

Download CZ-20 Manual in Adobe pdf Format

Submersible to 250 feet
Three-tone, audio target I.D.
Visual target response and signal strength indicated by two bright-red LED's
Patented Dual-Frequency Fourier Domain signal analysis
Silent-search, VLF, slow-motion discrimination
Super-hot, wide-scan, all-metal autotune mode
Pushbutton, VCO no-motion pinpointing
Big-target alert
Increased depth in mineralized soil
Wet-sand operation
Faint-target audio boost
Pushbutton ground balance
Separately sealed battery compartment
Your choice of an 8-inch open-center Spider coil, a 10 1/2-inch open-center Spider coil or a hot, little 5-inch coil
Removable control housing mounts on your belt or on detector stem
Easy to use: turn-on-and-go, pre-set control marks
Lifetime Warranty - On All Fisher Hobby Detectors

Length Extended 50"
Collapsed 30"
Coil 8" Coil 10.5" Coil 5" Coil
Weight Complete (with headset) 5.7 lbs. 6.1 lbs. 5.4 lbs.
Handle and Search Coil 2.4 lbs. 2.8 lbs. 2.1 lbs.
Control Housing 2.8 lbs.
Frequency l. Dual, VLF Search 5 KHZ and 15 KHZ
2. Audio Target Response
Iron l.D 200 Hz (low tone)
Foil and Tab I.D 450 Hz (mid tone)
Coin l.D 1 KHZ (high tone)
Autotune 500 Hz - 1 KHz (VCO)
Pinpoint 500 Hz - 1 KHz (VCO)
Operating Modes 1 . Autotune VLF-Motion, all-metal with threshold tone
2. Target l.D VLF-Slow motion, silent search discnmination
3. Pinpoint VLF, All-Metal, no motion
Search Coil Type Concentric, Co-planar
Diameter 8," 10.5" or 5"
Shielding 100% ESI
Interchangeable No
Visual Target Response Dual L.E.D.'s
Headset Waterproof, Piezo Electric
Interchangeable No
Ground Balance Pushbutton Manual or "Preset" Control Markings
Hipmountable Control Housing Yes
Salt Water/Fresh Water Operation Yes
Land Operation Yes
Submersible to 250 feet
Batteries Separately Sealed Compartment Yes
TypeQ (4) 9-V Alkaline
Life Alkaline 35-55 hrs Nicads 10-20 hrs.
Operating Temperature 32 - 110 F
Faint Target Audio Boost Yes
Manual Threshold Tuning In Autotune Mode
Target I.D Three Tones plus Bell Tone for large, shallow targets and 7 preset DISC Control Settings
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty - On All Fisher Hobby Detectors


POWER ON/OFF VOLUME: Dual function potentiometer switch. Volume settings above "5" amplify faint, deep target sounds, limit loud target responses.
DISC: Eight-position potentiometer. Seven pre-set discrimination points plus all-metal AUTOTUNE position.
PINPOINT: Dual function pushbutton for pinpointing and ground balancing when used in conjunction with GROUND control.
GROUND: Ground balance potentiometer used in conjunction with pinpoint button.
SENS/BATT TEST: Dual function potentiometer and switch.
TWIN LED's: Two light emmitting diodes indicate signal strength and battery condition.

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