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Dear Customer

Our server does not save the information you feed into it. Once you leave your
information it is encrypted until we download it. Once the download is complete the
information you left is no longer available. We have a firewall implemented on the
site, and Reilly's Treasured Gold is the only one who can download the information, your
privacy and our liability are a top priority.

The owner set this policy at the building of the sites, your information is fed only to
Reilly's Treasured Gold, no matter which of our domains you are on at arrival.

You information, such as your name, address, and credit card information is stored
on our local hard drive until it is printed on a sales ticket. Your name, address, or
e-mail address are not for sale or trade to anyone EVER.

Once the order has been shipped the information is run through our paper shredder.
We do however keep your email address, your physical address, and what you
purchased for our tax consultant.

Our local system is protected 24 hours a day through Brinks Security Systems, this
policy is the only policy. Your credit card information belongs to you, each time you
purchase at Reilly's Treasured Gold or any of our domains you will be required to feed the
information again. We cannot charge your order without it. We will not make an
exceptions to this policy.

We have went to great lengths to insure your privacy, and protection. We hope this
will ease your mind knowing your information is safe and private.

You, as we, should always practice safe cyber hygiene. Know your trading partner,
ask before you buy online what the privacy policy is. Revisit the policy to see if any
changes have been made each time you buy from any website.